The Kutuki Kids Learning App is an e-learning app for kids ranging between two to six years. The Kutuki App is India's first preschool app made by early education experts filled with hundreds of fresh, original and engaging rhymes, interactive stories and games filled with attractive animations and illustrations created especially to meet the learning needs of Indian preschoolers.

Over the last few years, over one million mothers across India have been using the Kutuki Kids Learning App every day for their little one's learning needs. Several early learning experts are also strong advocates of the Kutuki Kids Learning App as it gives them fresh ideas and unique resources to create engaging learning experiences for preschoolers.

With the overwhelming responses and positive feedback from parents across India, the team at Kutuki team set out on a journey to enhance the early learning experience for Indian preschoolers. Our founders and developers at Kutuki wanted to give your little one a brand new Kutuki App like they have never seen before. We are glad to announce the launch of the all-new Kutuki App with interesting and exciting features which your children will love.

You might now be wondering what's new with the Kutuki App? Well, here are the brand new features on the all-new Kutuki App!

A Brand New Look

The New Kutuki Kids Learning App has a brand new look with a fresh and colourful interface. One of the very first aspects that catch the eyes of little children are colours. Studies have shown that children as early as six months old can see and distinguish colours with their vision. Several early educators have also believed that colours have a strong influence over the emotions and behaviour of your child and is said to have a significant effect on development. The new Kutuki Learning App contains vibrant and magical colours that your little one will enjoy scrolling through the app. In addition to that, the all-new Kutuki App has a redefined horizontal interface with larger icons pictorially representing the various themes in the Kutuki App. The horizontal interface not only gives room for higher visibility but also helps little children to scroll easily with their little fingers. Your little one can now quickly navigate through the Kutuki App and play their most loved video.

All New Tracing Activity

A highlight of the all-new Kutuki App, an educational app for kids, is the tracing activity with real-time feedback for preschoolers. The main goal behind including a tracing module on the Kutuki Kids Learning App is to help your little one master alphabets, numbers and hindi letters (Swar and Vyanjan) through fun tracing activities. Finger Tracing plays a prominent role in early childhood education and is an essential prewriting skill. Tracing activities help preschool children to develop and strengthen fine motor skills. When children start tracing letters, they trace along with the alphabet through curved and straight lines, helping them refine their hand-eye coordination. With Kutuki's e-learning app for kids, your little one not only enjoys tracing the letters, but you can also get instant feedback. With this tracing activity, your child can master the letters in a hassle-free way.

A New Favourite Option

It's only flying hearts in the all-new Kutuki Kids Learning App. The Kutuki App now has a favourite button with which your little one can like your favourite videos and watch them all in one place. It will automatically create a playlist of all your favourite videos you can watch anytime. But, what's the catch? There is no catch with, just a click you can favourite all the videos your little one likes and watch them multiple times. We cannot wait for you to enjoy this favourite option on the Kutuki App.

Personalised Profile Section

The Kutuki App now has an improved personalised profile section for your little one. In this section, you can choose your child's favourite avatar out of the nine exciting Kutu, Ki and Minku avatars. Here you can also find an activity section where you can look at all the videos your little one has viewed previously and re-watch them. Followed by that, the language section allows you to change your language preference to either your mother tongue or any other language of your choice. Kutuki's content is currently available in five distinct languages, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telegu and Malayalam coming soon.

In addition to these new features, there are several new additions to all new Kutuki App. Stay tuned on our blog to find out what's in store on the Kutuki Kids Learning App. If you haven't downloaded the Kutuki App yet, read why 6 Reasons Why Kutuki is the Best Learning App for Preschoolers. Make Kutuki your little one's preschool partner. Download the Kutuki App Now! (Kutuki for Android and Kutuki for IOS)