The Kutuki App is India's first Kids Education App made by expert early educators solely for Indian preschoolers. The Kutuki Kids Education App is a creative preschool kids app filled with engaging rhymes, interactive stories, fun-filled games combined with eye-catching illustrations and animations and loved by over a million preschoolers across the country. The entire content on the Kutuki App, an e-learning app for kids, is made exclusively by expert early educators who create and design original rhymes and stories keeping in mind the learning needs of Indian preschoolers. 

The team behind the Kutuki Kids Education App has a defined set of early educators, creative individuals, talented musicians, to sum up, a highly energetic team. The early learning experts create brand new content centred around core concepts of early childhood education.

Through every rhyme and story on the Kutuki App, preschoolers and toddlers are encouraged to learn letters, numbers, shapes, colours, patterns, good habits and much more.

With the launch of the all-new Kutuki Kids Education App, we are so excited to share with all of you the new and exciting features we have in store for your little one and you! Here are the brand new features of the all-new Kutuki Kids Learning App. 

New Kutu, Ki and Minku Avatars

The all-new Kutuki App, an educational app for kids, has three little learning companions who will join your little one and accompany them on their early learning journey. It’s time for you to meet your little one’s learning partners. Meet Kutu, Ki and Minku the haathi, your little one’s learning Saathis.

Kutu, Ki and Minku have a special place in the hearts of a million preschoolers across India. In the new Kutuki App, Kutu, Ki and Minku, the haathi have a complete makeover. Our little learning partners of the Kutuki App now have over 10+ brand new avatars where you can choose the one your little one loves the most! You can catch Kutu flying, hopping around while singing and floating along with his sister Ki, partying with Minku! We are sure that your little one will love Kutu, Ki and Minku's brand new avatars and create a beautiful bond with their new learning partners. 

A New Learning Module 

The early educators at Kutuki place a strong emphasis on Phonics. Phonics is a methodology that sets a strong foundation for reading and speaking in English fluently. It is crucial for children to learn letter-sound relationships and helps in the development of essential skills like reading, speaking and writing. Are you wondering how your little one could do this in just a few clicks?  That's what Kutuki Kids Education App is all about. The all-new Kutuki App now has a brand new module titled 'Learn English' that focuses on teaching your little one Phonics most interactively. How can the app do that, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you! 

The Learn English Module on the Kutuki Kids Education App categorised into the following;

  1. Little Learners (for the age group 3-4 years) 
  2. Curious Champions (for the age group 4-5 years) 
  3. Mighty Genius (for the age group 5-6 years) 

Every category has been divided based on the age group of preschoolers to make sure that they grasp concepts with ease. Here's what's more interesting, every division under the Learn English Module has a series of steps your little one must follow. The series includes; 

A video that teaches your child a few simple words associated with the letter. Let's take the example of the letter 'S', S for sit, S for sun and so on. 

A fun story that is tailor-made to teach every letter sound. The stories use characters with Indian names so that it is easy for children to connect with.  For example; Simi Sings, Bunty’s Birthday and much more...  

It's time for your little one to get into action. In this stage, your child can physically practise tracing the letter through finger tracing, where you can get instant feedback. 

It is a fun and engaging song letter song that uses alliteration. Alliteration helps children to pay close attention to the letter sounds and understand how different words vary in their pronunciation. 

It is a learning game for kids with fun and colourful illustrations. This game will help your little one to identify the letter and their corresponding letter sound, spell three-letter words, learn CVC words through word families and so much more... 

The Learning Path 

Under the Learn English Module, another most fascinating feature in the Kutuki Kids Education App is the new 'Learning Path'. The learning path is a progress tracker that will help you watch over your child's progress in the Learn English Module. It is a progress bar appearing on the top right of the module and displays the progress made by your little one. But wait, there's more! After your child completes watching a video under the Learn English Module, your little one automatically earns a new star. This Learning Path will help your little one to master Phonics in a fun and easy way.

Assisted Learning Module

The Kutuki Kids Education App now has a Live Button where you can get personalised learning packages for Phonics and Math Live Classes for your little one and learn from India’s best preschool experts. There are three unique learning bundles for Phonics and Math framed by the early learning experts at Kutuki. These learning packages are crafted especially for your little one by our experts. If you have any queries and concerns, WhatsApp Us and speak to our Academic Counselor today!

To find out more features of the Kutuki Kids Education App, read our blog, "The Kutuki Kids Learning App- Here's What You Must Know."

So, why wait? Go ahead and Download the Kutuki App now! (Kutuki for Android and Kutuki for IOS).