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Kutuki is rated as the most trusted learning partner for preschoolers across India. Designed by educators and artists, Kutuki provides a comprehensive, interactive and an irresistibly fun early learning experience through 1000s of stories, rhymes, games, worksheets and live classes 

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Kutu and Ki showing the Kutuki app

Meet Your Child’s Learning Partners

With Kutu, Ki and Minku everyday, learning will feel like play 


A tiny, tumbling boy he may be, but when he pulls up his pants, it’s time for some serious business. Little Kutu is inventive and curious, a tiny thinker.



Excited, energetic and adventurous, Ki is a cartwheeling, somersaulting thunderstorm. She cares a lot for her little brother, Kutu.



Kutu and Ki’s best friend, a gentle, playful and resilient baby elephant who loves little children and bananas. She is Kutu and Ki’s partner on their learning adventures.

Here’s Why Parents Choose Kutuki For Their Kids


Designed as per age, learning levels and interest 

Learning meets fun

Designed by educators, created by artists, enjoyed by kids 

100% Indian

Rooted in Indian values, culture and available across 6 regional languages 

Safe and Easy

Ad free and easy for kids to use 

3 Million App Downloads

5,000,000+ Parents trust Kutuki, Be a part of them!

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Turn Screen Time To Learning Time

Kutuki delivers playful learning across Nursery, LKG and UKG subjects, building skills 2-6 year olds need for a rock solid foundation at the start of their learning journey

Reading & Writing Skills

Track your child’s reading, speaking and writing progress with our level based Phonics and Tracing activities.

Number Sense

Crucial early math concepts made easy through engaging stories, rhymes and games

Thinking Skills

Nourish your child’s never ending curiosity with our wide range of fun, interactive GK books

Good habits

Our habit building series teach essential life skills that kids (and parents) are proud of

Social & Emotional Learning

Learn to understand, regulate and manage a range of emotions and social interactions


Unleash your child’s imagination with our exciting range of DIY art and craft activities.

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