Have you ever wondered why transportation is the most popular theme for preschoolers? Besides playing with their toy cars, trucks and aeroplanes, they also visually experience it by looking at different vehicles on the road and driving along with mumma and pappa while they shop. Since preschoolers possess a natural interest in transportation it is an important aspect of preschool learning.

Well, our little ones may not be old enough to ride a bike or operate a car, but it's never too early to pretend to be a pilot or a sailor too. If you are looking and planning for some transportation-themed activities for toddlers and preschoolers, we have got you covered.

Ready, Set, Go!


Time: 20 minutes

Before your child gets to race with their mini-cars and toy trucks, they need to learn how they should be safe on the roads and follow the safety measures. This fun traffic light activity is the perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers. It is a simple transport art and craft activity for preschoolers.

With this activity children, will learn to trace, cut and paste shapes. It will help them to practice their fine motor skills and help them to identify colours.

The materials required for this simple transport craft will include;

Here's how you should get started with the activity;

  1. First, cut a large rectangular piece out of the black chart paper.
  2. Using the jar lid, trace a circle on the red, yellow and green coloured craft paper.
  3. Help your child to carefully cut out each of the circles from the coloured paper.
  4. Glue down the circles to the black chart paper with red on top, yellow in the middle and green on the bottom.

Now that you've completed these steps, it's time to hang your up traffic light for display!

Ziptty, Zappty, Zoom


Time:15 minutes

If you want to have some fun and get a little messy with paints, this activity would be the right fit. Out of the various transportation activities for preschoolers, this activity would be the only activity with minimal resources and the least preparation time. All you've got to do is collect all your toy vehicles and place them in a basket. Take a white sheet of paper and tape it to your table or workspace. Be sure to grab some paints of your choice along with some paper plates to pour them.

  1. First, help your child to pour out their favourite paint onto a paper plate.
  2. Now ask them to pick up a toy vehicle of their choice. You can either ask or help your little one to identify the toy vehicle.
  3. Now dip the toy cars in the paint and make tracks, patterns, or race with them on the white sheet of paper. To make it more fun, you can ask your little one to mimic the sounds of each of the vehicles while doing the same.
  4. You can add additional colours on the paper plate and ask your children to drive through different vehicles with different colour paint each time.

You can take turns with each vehicle by asking them to repeat the activity with different paint colours. In the end, they would be delighted to see how the paint has changed colours.

Squeaky Clean Station


Time:20 minutes

This activity would probably be the most fun water-based preschool transportation activity. This wash station will serve as a simple way to develop sensory skills. You can also play it as an extension of the previous activity, but we promise that it can be much more fun and exciting for your children. The materials required for this activity will be as follows;

  1. Shaving Cream
  2. The dirty toy vehicles (from the previous activity)
  3. Scrubbers/Sponges or towels for drying
  4. Baby Shampoo
  5. Two tubs of Water

Now that we have the materials let's get started with the activity.

Keep repeating this process until you get all your toys clean. Enjoy your mini wash station and make your toy vehicles sparkle!

We hope you liked all these fun transportation activities for preschoolers. If you want to watch some fun songs and stories related to transportation for preschoolers watch our story 'Modes of Transport' on the Kutuki App.

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