Out of several learning apps for preschoolers available in the market, what if we told you that you could meet your little one's early learning needs in just a few clicks? An e-learning app with hundreds of originally produced rhymes and stories focusing on various early learning milestones occupied with eye-catching animations and illustrations that your preschooler will love. Wouldn't all this make early learning much more meaningful and engaging for your little one? That sums up our brand new Kutuki App!You might now ask us what makes Kutuki different from other learning apps for preschoolers? Well, we are here to say that to you! Here are six reasons why you must download the brand new Kutuki App now.Originally Produced

1. Content

The Kutuki App is the only preschool learning app that has fresh, original produced rhymes, stories, games and activities. The Kutuki team comprises nationally acclaimed early childhood education experts, storytellers, talented musicians and inventive artists who strive to make every piece of content much more educational and engaging for preschoolers and toddlers of this generation. Kutuki's songs and stories have characters that resemble the appearance of Indian children. They eat the food that we eat, speak in languages and accents that Indian children can connect to. Our stories and songs teach shapes through bindis, counting with pooris and teaches our little preschoolers to celebrate the bond between grandchildren and their Dada Dadi or Thatha -Pati. The team at Kutuki undertakes every effort to make sure that your child's preschool education is not just revolving around the same old rhymes like ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ but by adding brand new rhymes, stories and games every week so that your little one's preschool experience is fresh and refreshing.

2. Learning Companions For Your Little One

With preschool closed, we are certain that your little ones are missing their friends. Studies have shown that children learn best with caring and relatable companions. Keeping that in mind, we have created three curious, adventurous and playful learning companions to keep your little one company. With the Kutuki App, your little one meets their learning partners Kutu, Ki and Minku and soon turn into their beloved companions and create a beautiful bond. It's time for you to meet your little one's learning partners. Meet Kutu, Ki and Minku the haathi, your little one's learning Saathis.

While on their learning adventure, Kutu, Ki and Minku will join along and make learning more interactive for your little one

3. Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Out of the many learning apps for preschoolers, Kutuki's rhymes and stories are designed for preschoolers ranging from two to seven years. All the stories and rhymes revolve around key concepts in early childhood education and vetted by teachers. In addition to this, Kutuki's content also focuses on several other learning areas. The prime learning areas include;

  1. Language and Phonics 
  2. Early Math 
  3. STEM
  4. Socio-emotional development
  5. Life Skills and much more. 

All our rhymes and stories on the Kutuki App are mapped to these learning areas so that preschoolers will grasp these fundamental concepts of early childhood education from an early age onwards.

4. Available in Multiple Languages

According to our New Education Policy, 2020, "Until grade five, students must be taught in their regional or local languages, wherever possible". One may wonder if a child benefits by learning through a regional language? Academicians and Early Educators experts say that young children get a deeper understanding of concepts when taught in their respective mother tongues or regional languages. The early learning experts at Kutuki ardently believe that language cannot stand as a barrier in learning. The early educators at Kutuki have gone a step ahead and made sure that Kutuki's content is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi with more languages coming soon to make learning possible for all Indian preschoolers.

5. Made in India

Unlike other learning apps for preschoolers, the Kutuki App is 100% Indian. Every piece of content available on the Kutuki App is created to cater to the early learning needs of every Indian preschooler. The Kutuki Kids App is the only learning app for preschoolers that has emerged as the winners of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge. The Kutuki App had also received a token of appreciation and words of praise by our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat address.

6. Safe and Ad Free

The safety and security of children is the topmost priority at Kutuki. Many apps, that may be free, have inappropriate ads and links that can inadvertently take young children to unsafe and potentially harmful sites. At times the content itself could be inappropriate or not suitable for a preschooler. It has been a huge challenge for parents to find content that is safe educational and suitable for Indian preschoolers. With Kutuki, you can be assured about your little one's safety and security. Kutuki is completely ad-free, vetted by educators and created from scratch by a passionate team of creators who take great pride and joy in providing the best learning experience for India's youngest learners. The sign-up process to the Kutuki App is also quick and requires only your phone number child's name and age.The Kutuki App has transformed into one of the best learning apps for preschoolers over the last few years. Thanks to all our parents and educators for choosing Kutuki! Download the Kutuki App Now! (Kutuki for AndroidandKutuki for IOS)Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on linkedin