The Kutuki App is India's best preschool learning app for kids made by teachers and early learning experts. The Kutuki learning app for kids is designed especially for Indian preschoolers between 2 to 6 years. The team at Kutuki brings together early educators, creative artists, thought leaders and innovators in the preschool space.

With over a thousand rhymes, interactive stories and fun-filled games, you will never run out of ideas while teaching your little one important foundational skills with the Kutuki App, a learning app for kids.

Here are five reasons why you should make Kutuki App your little one's preschool partner. 

Preschool in an App

Though there are several applications out there, choosing the right online learning platform can change the way you look at your child's preschool journey. You might ask us, how do I choose the right preschool learning app for my child? Well, here are a few things you must tick down the list in choosing the best preschool learning app for kids. 

Wondering where you can find all the above in a single app? The answer is Kutuki App, a learning app for kids. The Kutuki App has transformed the early learning sector by replacing the classic rhymes with fresh and new rhymes and stories keeping in mind the learning needs of Indian preschoolers. Today a smartphone has turned into an essential commodity and has made early learning much more interesting, personalised and accessible with just a few clicks. To learn more about on how to find the best preschool learning app for kids, read our blog “Screen Time That Is Guilt Free”.Theme-Based Learning

Learning App for Kids

Early childhood education is as large as the ocean. Parents usually are confused with several questions as to what they should first starting teaching their little ones. Don't worry! The Kutuki learning app for kids has got you covered! The content on the Kutuki App is spread across different themes based on a world-class preschool curriculum covering important early learning milestones created by the experts at Kutuki. The themes on the Kutuki App include Phonics, GK, STEM, Animals, Numbers, Space, School, and so much more. Every theme/ category on the Kutuki learning app for kids has its equal share of original rhymes, stories, activities that unleashes a new and unique way to learn. With the Kutuki App, you can pick up your child's favourite theme and start learning today! Here's a quick routine for you, which you can customise for your little one! 

Let's get started with the animal theme; 

The list goes on and on... You can find all the videos on the Kutuki App and create a similar learning routine for your child after choosing a theme for your little one.

Phonics Learning Path

Phonics Learning Path

The most crucial component of a preschool curriculum is Phonics. Phonics is of great importance in preschool education. The Kutuki App, a learning app for kids, has a well-defined and systematic Phonics Module. The Phonics Module on Kutuki, a learning app for kids, has been categorised into the following; 

  1. Little Learners (for the age group 3-4 years) - The Little Learners module focuses on a series of videos that will help your little one to learn and identify letter sounds, learn simple CVC Words leading to the development of fine motor skills.
  2. Curious Champions (for the age group 4-5 years) - The Curious Champions module focuses word families, short and long vowels and master CVC Words and Sight Words.  
  3. Mighty Genius (for the age group 5-6 years) - The Mighty Genius Module has a distinct set of videos that help your little one master blends and diagraphs, write and read sentences independently. 

In addition that every category, there exists a series of videos like a letter book, letter-sound story, a tracing activity, an interactive game, and so much more...But here's what's more interesting, you can track your child's progress at every stage. The Learning Path on the Kutuki App, a learning app for kids, gives you a visual display of the progress your little one has made and the stars they've collected on their learning journey. Along with a Phonics Module, the Kutuki App also offers assisted learning from the experts at Kutuki. We provide personalised learning packages at affordable rates for Phonics and Math crafted by our learning experts at Kutuki. Whatsapp Us and speak to our Academic Counselor today!

A Creative Learning Experience

Learning app for kids

At Kutuki, we strongly believe that language cannot be a barrier to learning and provide Indian preschoolers with an online learning platform that is incredibly fun. At Kutuki, we are strong advocates of providing preschoolers with a multi-lingual learning experience. Kutuki's content is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, with Telugu and Malayam coming in a week.  Every piece of content on the Kutuki App has created carefully by early learning experts, artists and talented musicians. Several rhymes on the Kutuki App have now become a favourite tune of over a million preschoolers.   

So why wait? It's time to make Kutuki your child's preschool partner. If you want more tips from our experts read our blog here.

Go ahead and Download the Kutuki App now! (Kutuki for Android and Kutuki for IOS).