Teachers not only need to keep up with the changes and transformations, but also must unravel and repackage knowledge, skills, pedagogies and learning outcomes to stay relevant and connected to the future.

Charles Darwin stated: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” In today’s world of constant change, this needs to be paraphrased to say: “It is not the most qualified of the species that will survive, nor the most skilled. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

In order to get a high paying job as a preschool teacher and future proof your career, we have introduced the Phonics Teacher Training Program! Phonics is a proven methodology to teach English 5x faster to preschoolers and is the preferred method of teaching in most preschools today.

How will this program help you?

1. Sharpen your existing skills : Your existing skills are your sweet spot. Ensuring that it is sharp enough to be your competitive advantage in a dynamic work environment is a first step. This will ensure your value and relevance today.


2. Expand your knowledge : By gaining skills that are growing in demand, you place yourself in a strong position to accelerate your growth by having the skills to quickly take advantage of new career opportunities.


3. Future-proof your career : In the past, teachers learned to gain skills for a career; now, the career itself is a journey of learning. Future-proof your career with this program and explore new opportunities as a phonics expert!


4. Learn tried and tested teaching techniques : We will teach you techniques that can help you teach more effectively and ensure a promotion at work. This can also help you teach your own children how to learn better!


What will you learn in this program?


  1. Creative techniques to teach all Phonics Sounds
  2. Blending techniques to teach CVC words
  3. Skills to teach Blends and Digraphs
  4. Short and Long Vowel Rules
  5. 21st century skills to lead virtual classrooms
  6. Strengthening communication skills
  7. Developing the art of storytelling
  8. Learn important phonics concepts like trigraphs, Magic “E”, “CK” rule and many more!
  9. How to effectively utilise our learning resources


This 10 day program is designed to equip aspiring educators to become qualified Phonics Teachers. This Phonics program combines tried and tested strategies, practical exercises and sound theoretical knowledge through live, interactive classes led by highly qualified Phonics Experts from Kutuki.

You will be shipped a Comprehensive Preschool Phonics Learning Kit worth Rs 4500, for free, as a part of this program.

Upon completion of the program you will also receive a Certificate of Completion!


Upskill yourself and get a promotion or become a Teacherpreneur’ and start your own teaching business, with the most sought after skill - phonics!


If you want to register for this program and become a certified Phonics Instructor, click here!