After nine days of Navratri, the tenth day is celebrated as Dusserah or Vijayadashmi and it signifies the victory of good over evil. According to the Ramayana, Vijaydashami marks the day that Lord Rama defeated the demon king Ravana. The tenth day after Navratri also signifies the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura.

The most  exciting part about Dussehra for kids is that it's vacation time! This means you not only have to make festive arrangements but also make sure your child is occupied in a constructive way!

In this blog, we cover 5 different activities you can do with your little one this Dussehra to keep your child occupied with fun and constructive learning, during the holidays. 

  1. Learn the story behind Dussehra!

This Dussehra, teach your little ones why you celebrate the festival. Learning the story behind a festival can foster a deep rooted familiarity with our culture and traditions. Apart from just telling them the story, they can even watch our Kutuki video “Dussehra : Good Always Wins” to learn about how Dussehra is celebrated in different parts of our country!

  1. Self play with Festive Puzzles for toddlers!

Surely, at some point of time during the festival season, you will require some time to just make the necessary festive arrangements. How will you keep your preschooler occupied during this period of time?

Try our puzzles for preschoolers! Puzzles for toddlers are an amazingly beneficial activity for your children. It also promotes self play, which makes this the perfect activity to amuse your children while you get work done! Our ‘Festivals of India’ puzzle for preschoolers is a very vibrant and festive puzzle that is sure to keep your little one entertained for hours. With various festivals from all over our country, this puzzle is the perfect activity during this festive season! When they are done solving the puzzle, take them across all the festivals in the puzzle and teach them how to identify the different festivals celebrated all over our country. The ideal way to spend time with your preschooler, this festive season.

  1. Make learning fun with flashcards!

Obviously, no child wants to study during the holidays. Holidays are all about having fun! So how about we make learning fun! That seems like the perfect solution to this problem. How do we make learning fun? 

With flashcards of course! There are many kinds of flashcards :

Use different flashcards to help your preschooler learn about different subjects. Since flashcards are a visual tool, it makes learning much faster. Flashcards have a game-like approach to learning which makes it an activity that toddlers love, thereby making learning an activity they look forward to!

  1. Redecorate your little one’s learning corner!

October is a month of festivities. With the Navratri and Dussehra in the beginning of the month, and Diwali toward the end, this is the perfect reason for most people to redecorate their houses! Have you considered redecorating your preschoolers' learning corner? Or maybe you can use this opportunity to make a learning corner, if you don't already have one! 

Redecorate your little one’s room with colourful and interactive wall posters that are also informative! Have a look at our educational posters that are both packed with information as well as visually appealing to preschoolers! It is a proven fact that preschoolers retain more visually and that visual modes of learning have a much  higher impact! 

Decorate your child’s room with posters and ensure that learning is happening all the time, whether they are aware of it or not! 

  1. Spend time solving worksheets!

Want to juggle between festive arrangements and quality time with your little one? Our Phonics worksheets are the solution to all your problems! Sit down and spend time with your preschooler as they learn the basics of phonics. Interactive worksheets, ensure that your little one is having fun while also learning phonics. The best part about these phonics resources is that you can sit down and go through it with your toddler, or even let them work on it alone! That’s the flexibility you need this festive season and our phonics worksheets are comprehensive and easy to use, while also being interactive and fun for preschoolers.

These are some interesting ideas for activities you can do with your children during the Navratri and Dussehra time! 

Use these ideas and make sure they are having fun this festive season, while also leaving you with enough time to make all the festive arrangements!

Have fun! Happy Dussehra!