Originating from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’, it literally means rows (Avali) of lights (Deepa). This festival of lights is celebrated on the darkest night (Amavasya) of October, and it symbolizes the vanquishing of ignorance (darkness) by knowledge (light).

With Diwali coming up, how do you make this day special for your little ones? What can you do that would light up their Diwali? Well, here are some fun suggestions we have that would be interesting. You can indulge your kids in some Diwali activities. Be it arts and craft or quizzes and puzzles, there are a handful of Diwali activities and games you can play with your kids. Check them out below

  1. Make a Paper Diya together

What better way to ring in the festival of lights than with beautiful diyas to make it look festive? Leave your kid with some craft paper, glue and our DIY - Make a paper Diya and see how they express their creativity! As one of the fun Diwali activities for kids, diya making sounds quite fun and it doubles as a catalyst to bring out their creative side. You can supervise your kids while they indulge in this Diwali activity and maybe even teach them a few tricks that you know!

  1. Learn the Story of Diwali with Kutu and Ki!

This Deepavali, teach your little ones why you celebrate the festival. Learning the story behind a festival can foster a deep rooted familiarity with our culture and traditions. Apart from just telling them the story, they can even watch our Kutuki video “The Story of Diwali” and join Ji in making a Rangoli in the park and learning all about the story of Diwali!

  1. Self play with Festive Puzzles for toddlers!

Surely, at some point of time during the festival season, you will require some time to just make the necessary festive arrangements. How will you keep your preschooler occupied during this period of time?

Try our puzzles for preschoolers! Puzzles for toddlers are an amazingly beneficial activity for your children. It also promotes self play, which makes this the perfect activity to amuse your children while you get work done! Our ‘Festivals of India’ puzzle for preschoolers is a very vibrant and festive puzzle for preschoolers that is sure to keep your little one entertained for hours. With various festivals from all over our country, such as Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas and so many more, this puzzle is the perfect activity during this festive season! When they are done solving the puzzle, take them across all the festivals in the puzzle and teach them how to identify the different festivals celebrated all over our country. The ideal way to spend time with your preschooler, this Diwali.

  1. Dress up your little one in a unique Diwali T-shirt!

What better way to spend Diwali than in style? Dress up your little one in our unique Diwali themed T-shirts and make them the star of the day! Whether you’re celebrating Deepavali at home or with your community, this T-shirt is sure to make heads turn! They come in 2 amazing designs:

Get your T-shirt now and make your little one the firecracker this Diwali! Or gift it to someone in the spirit of Diwali and make it their most special one till date!

These are some interesting ideas for activities you can do with your children during the Navratri and Dussehra time! 

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