"When One teaches, two learn" 

                                                - Robert Heinlein

The Life of a Teacher is not as easy as it looks. From being able to get their message across to a classroom full of easily distracted students, to keeping up with new curriculum and concepts, they have no free time. But then again, the satisfaction of seeing a student succeed is an incomparable feeling! Teacher’s are selfless beings that want nothing but the best for their students! Doesn’t that make teaching the most honorable profession? 

Teacher’s Day is the day when all teachers across the world feel special, and rightly so. They are our first mentors, who inspire us to follow our passion and pursue it as a career. 

We also know how difficult it is to be one! In order to thank our teachers and express our gratitude on this special occasion, use this article to learn about some of our best teacher-inspired products. Who knows, maybe one of these can make the ideal gift for your teacher on this teacher’s day.

  1. Height Charts :

Height charts are a great way to quickly and visually monitor your child's growth. Use these charts to measure the height of your child at regular intervals and by comparing the heights on a chart, you can track changes in height over time and see how your child's growth compares with other kids his or her age.

As well as helping you understand your child's growth, these charts can help you identify any potential health problems early. You can also use this information to plan the best way to feed or care for your child. Our height charts are designed by preschool experts and teachers in order to provide accurate information while also being visually appealing.

  1. Phonics worksheets

Phonics is a proven methodology to teach English 5x faster to preschoolers.However, we understand that teaching Phonics can be confusing and you may not know where to begin. Kutuki’s worksheets are designed by veteran preschool teachers to help your preschooler master English through a structured, systematic play way method. These Phonics worksheets are designed to provide reading, speaking and writing practice for Nursery, LKG and UKG. This Teacher’s Day, spend time with your little ones and teach them phonics at home! 

  1. Flashcards :

Flashcards are small note cards used for testing and improving memory through practiced information retrieval. Flashcards are typically two-sided, with the prompt on one side and the information about the prompt on the other. This teacher’s day, we have added flashcards to our inventory of teaching resources. They can be used at home by parents or even by teachers in preschools, because these are a valuable learning resource for preschoolers. Instead of just learning things by rote, flashcards can help your little ones learn through association and understanding. A perfect Teacher’s Day gift for your preschool teacher or even a valuable learning resource to teach your kid at home!

We have introduced a total of 4 kinds of flashcards :

  1. A-Z Word Memory
  2. Digraphs
  3. Math Memory
  4. Animal Sounds


      4. Posters

Posters have consistently been the most recommended visual aid by early childhood educators across the world. Studies have shown that 83% of preschoolers learn faster through posters. Kutuki’s range of posters are designed to convey complex preschool concepts through visually rich images and designs that are guaranteed to help your preschooler learn, remember and retain information easily. As a part of the teacher’s pick collection, get these posters at incredible discounts and set up your child’s learning corner. Teach at home or put them up at your preschool, these are ideal gifts for this teacher’s day and can also be used to make learning a part of the daily routine of your little one.

Visit the Kutuki store to have a look at our Teacher’s Picks collection. These can make ideal gifts for your beloved preschool teacher because these are learning and teaching resources that they can use to make their classes all the more interactive and interesting. Or you can spend time with your little one and teach them at home with these teacher recommended learning resources. Get up to 55% off on the Teacher’s Picks collection! Sale ends on September 5th!