Kids are a really tough audience to please, especially if you have to host a lot of them. The joy of celebrating that birthday is something that could not be compared with any other celebration. But this celebration comes with a whole lot of preparations. Parents have to look for all the decorations, the perfect birthday cakes, think of a theme for the party, pick a venue and most importantly they have to choose the perfect return gift.

Every single kid that comes to your little one’s birthday party is expecting one. You cannot just give them anything! It must be unique, it must leave a lasting impression and it must make your child’s birthday party the most anticipated event for everyone! 

Picking out return gifts for your little one’s birthday seems to be trickier than it seems, but our list of birthday return gift ideas here will help you - without breaking the bank!

1. New Years Of India Picture Book-

A book is not the most exciting thing you can get as a return gift, but our picture book is not like any other book. It is a picture book with vivid and bright colors that is designed to help little ones reconnect with their roots and explore 7 different New Year celebrations from across our country. An everlasting gift that is both thoughtful as well as thought provoking, this is sure to make everyone who came to your party remember it forever!

2. Breakfasts of India Picture Book -

The Breakfasts of India picture book is a bestseller that is being sold across India, Europe, Australia and the USA. This colorful picture book makes an ideal return gift that promises to leave parents and children hungry for more, even after all the cake at your party! From Kerala’s Puttu Kadala to the Bengali Luchi dunked in Alu Torkari and the gravy laden Ros Omelette in Goa, explore 15 different breakfasts from across our country. Children also use it as an aid for endless pretend play.

3. Kutu, Ki and Minku Puzzle -

What better way to thank those who made your little one’s birthday so special, than with a return gift that is just as special. Our Kutu, Ki and Minku puzzle is the perfect return gift that is guaranteed to make your little one's birthday party the most anticipated event for years to come!

Puzzles are everlasting gifts that are not only fun but also help preschoolers develop a range of skills while they solve them. This fascinating puzzle has an eye-catching design that is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours. 

4. Kutu’s Underwater Adventure -

We can help you make this day special for your little one as well as everyone else at the party. Add a little bit of excitement to your return gifts this year with our ‘Kutu’s Underwater puzzle’. A puzzle is something kids can enjoy for years to come while also learning from it! Isn't that the perfect birthday return gift? We think so too. Explore the depths of the ocean with Kutu and meet his new underwater buddies! This fascinating puzzle has an eye catching design that is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours!

5. Picture books Combo - 

These colorful picture books make an ideal return gift that parents and children will value for years to come. This pack has both of our picture books - New Years of India and Breakfasts of India, that have been sold across India, Europe, Australia and the USA! Discover 7 unique New Year celebrations and 15 different Breakfasts from across our country, with our bestselling picture books. Soak in the colors and enjoy these books filled with vivid and delightful illustrations.

In order to make this more convenient and pocket friendly, we have introduced a new section on our Kutuki store with  these return gifts. All these products will be available in packs of 10, to cater to the needs of your little one’s birthday party! Get unbelievable discounts on these packs and make your little one’s birthday party the most memorable event of the year!