Why did we launch Posters?

Posters have consistently been the most recommended visual aid by early childhood educators across the world. 

Studies have shown that 83% of preschoolers learn faster through posters. 

Kutuki’s range of posters are designed to convey complex preschool concepts through visually rich images and designs that are guaranteed to help your preschooler learn, remember and retain information easily. 


Kutuki has unique posters to teach different concepts :

  1. Solar System Poster - Learn names of Planets and their position from the Sun
  2.  A-Z animal poster - Learn letters from A-Z and names of interesting animals
  3. Dinosaur Facts poster - Learn dinosaur names and fascinating facts
  4. Feelings Poster - Learn to help your child label their feelings 
  5. Hindi Swar Poster - Introduce अ आ इ with images and words
  6. Hindi Vyanjan Poster - Introduce क ख ग with images and words

What makes Kutuki’s posters unique?

How to use it? 

These posters can be used by teachers in a preschool and also at home. They are a must have while creating a learning corner for your child. We recommend that you stick it on a wall or a cupboard in your child’s room or classroom at a height where a child can easily see it or interact with it.

Pro Tip - Use the poster as imaginatively as you like. You can observe, ask questions, point and name and so much more.