The preschoolers room which is used as a place to play and sleep can double up as a learning space. Hanging education themed wall posters gives a chance to learn day and night, even when they are playing, distracted with something or while eating their food.

Preschoolers are visual learners. They grasp the visual information faster than text hence using educational posters as a kid's room decor is a great idea.  It enhances their learning and development, keeping their curiosity up.

As a parent, you want the best for your preschooler. That includes finding the right education materials to help them learn and grow. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start.

That's why we have put together the best ideas for decorating your little champ’s room. But before we list them, let us understand the benefits of having education posters in kids' rooms.

Benefits of choosing education posters for kids room decoration:

The posters of education offer multiple benefits for the preschoolers' learning.

They can help preschoolers :

Kids room decorating ideas for using posters of education

1. Unleash the creative side with shapes and colors : A preschooler’s learning starts by identifying colors and different shapes they are surrounded by. They can identify shapes in things they use daily,  like the book they are reading is rectangle in shape. Using rainbow colors and different geometrical shapes posters for kids can bring in an aesthetic look and can become a medium to develop their creativity.

2. Mastering English speaking skill: Learning the alphabets and their sounds, forms the foundation of any language. Especially English as it can be very tricky. Often children get confused between the sound of G or J to spell Giant. Our Phonics program helps strengthen their early learning stage in the most globally spoken language. Using educational charts of English alphabets in the kid's room decoration  helps them memorize and identify the difference clearly.

3. Learning a Regional language like Hindi- Learning a second language by preschoolers not only enhances their concentration but also develops their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Therefore, we must encourage them to learn Swar and Vyanjan of Hindi language or alphabets of any other regional language using wall posters.

Preschoolers are natural language acquirers, they grasp new languages faster as they are in continuous learning mode and being multilingual gives them an edge when they grow up.


Hindi alphabets and letters

4. Identifying animals and birds in their surroundings: Hanging in the A to Z of animal and birds posters would help them identify an animal or bird when they see them in real life, books or on TV. It strengthens their memory recall value.

Animals from A to Z for preschoolers

 5. Posters of food for a happy meal time : By watching wall posters of fruits,  vegetables and different foods repeatedly in the kid’s room they will become interested in food. Preschoolers would not only know foods by name , but also learn to ask for them. Eventually by making them fall in love with food, the picky eating habits can be taken care of quickly. You can know more on how to manage them better by reading through 9 Simple Tips to Manage Picky Preschool Eaters When they know what they are eating, they may even surprise you with a change in their eating habits.


Fruits of India season wise

6. Building good habits for a great future:

Good habits form a solid foundation to lead a great life. Education charts on good habits like maintaining cleanliness, respecting elders, saying a prayer before sleeping, studying on time,sharing through 7 Simple Ways to Teach the Importance of Sharing to Your Preschooler would encourage them to develop these young. A good habits poster will come in handy every night to remind them of these habits before going to bed.

7. Wake up the astronaut within them: Preschoolers can become inquisitive by watching the Solar system poster. When they start naming the planets it piques their interest in Astronomy. So decorating the kid's room with a colorful poster of the Solar system with pictures of planets will help them understand the universe and the concept of space, besides giving them a dream to become an astronaut.

Poster of the Solar system with pictures of planets

8. Expressions and emotions : Preschoolers are very observant and they learn to express various emotions by mimicking the elders. Using the kids poster for emotions will help them understand and express what they are feeling through emotions. Making faces using those emotions is a fun activity for the family.

9. Foundation for future Math geniuses: Number learning for preschoolers using wall posters is a great way to teach them.In fact, using educational posters of essential math functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division builds their analytical skills and problem solving skills.

10. Tracking growth with height chart: The kid's room decor is incomplete without a kid's height chart. Measuring the height of the child is crucial as it shows the growth rate and their general well-being. So setting up a colorful height chart for kids on the wall and marking their height at regular intervals, keeps you aware of their health. You can encourage them to participate in various sports, to boost their overall well being.

measure your growing child


How to choose the right posters for your child's age and interests

The posters on education are fun to learn for preschoolers when the content is age appropriate and these are available on

When picking the right posters for the preschoolers there are few aspects to keep in mind.

Posters have to be : 


For the preschoolers bubbling with energy and shorter attention span 7 Simple Tips to Increase Attention Span in Preschoolers an educational poster is an effective way to catch hold of their attention.With these posters even difficult topics can be fun to learn.

At home, education posters can help generate interest, brighten up the space, inspire good thinking, motivate them, and most importantly, they can help your child’s learning retention and productivity .