With children beginning to go to school, change of uniforms, sports clothes as well as daily wear, becomes inevitable. And for parents raising kids while managing work at home, office or both is a tightrope to walk. Hence becoming more organized with prior planning makes life easy.

Revamping your child’s wardrobe is one such step towards becoming organized. Once school starts most morning chaos is about kids finding their clothes and getting ready. Make use of this opportunity to declutter your kid’s wardrobe, change a little decor and add a pinch of style to save time.

Here are 5 easy tips to make your child’s wardrobe fashionable, inside out. Changing the decor and organizing clothes can add a dash of style to your kid’s room and leave your mornings hassle free. 

1.  Paint the wardrobe: Painting the wardrobe with the same color as the wall is an easy and striking way to make it a part of the room. You can also use chalkboard paint for the wardrobe door, to bring out the scribbling artist in your child.

2. Add educational posters inside: To brighten children’s space, stick colorful posters on the wardrobe with bold prints or patterns. Kids will love the splash of color when they open the wardrobe doors.

3. Take inventory of existing clothes: Bring out all the clothes from their wardrobe and drawers. This will help you to get rid of any clothes that are too small or that they never wear. Keep the giveaway clothes and seasonal clothes separately to make more space.

4. Sort and organize closet: You can sort the existing clothes as pants and shirts / skirts and tops based on the types of clothes and occasion to wear.

While teaching kids to dress up independently, label the drawers to make it easy for them to find.

5. Make a list of things to buy: After decluttering, organize the clothes and make a to buy list. Include their favorite color, favorite animal or popular character that fascinates them.  Check for the clothes they need based on the season like the cotton kids t-shirts they need during summer or woolen clothes for winter.

Dressing up your child for birthday parties and events can be really fun. So, you must keep a few things in mind, to add style when buying kids clothes online:

Fabric matters - Comfortable clothes make kids happy and this comfort comes from the type of fabric and fitting of the clothes. So choose the clothes which are cute, funky and with more cotton percentage. Avoid the embellished and itchy clothes. 

T-shirts are a must-have in your kids wardrobe. They are most versatile and make kids look stylish in any season. They are stretchable, look cute on kids and easy to shop for parents.

Brilliant colors and durability- Children are drawn to bright happy colors which make them look adorable. Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) or secondary colors (green, purple and orange) attract the attention of young ones more than subtle shades. Keep in mind the summer season to add some cool blues. 


Size of clothes - Kids grow up fast, so choose clothes which are one size bigger than their existing size. Not only does it offer them comfort and ease of wearing, it also saves your time and money. Monitoring your child’s height at regular intervals helps you to keep aside clothes that no longer fit them.

Involving kids in buying decisions- One way to ensure that your child will love their new wardrobe is to let them have a say in what goes into it. Take them shopping with you and let them pick out a few new pieces that they like. Help your child narrow down the options by giving them a few options to pick from.

Involving your kid while doing this revamp and buying new clothes is a great bonding and teaching experience for both children and parents. It is a great opportunity to teach your child about making choices and being decisive. 

As your kids grow, their tastes change while they develop their own sense of style. Although it's hard to keep up with the latest trends, especially when it comes to children's fashion. However, Character T-shirts for theme birthday parties are a cool way to add fashion to your child’s wardrobe. Character T-shirts always remain in fashion.