Why did we launch Phonics Worksheets?

Phonics is a proven methodology to teach English 5x faster to preschoolers.

However, we understand that teaching Phonics can be confusing and you may not know where to begin. 

Kutuki’s worksheets are designed by veteran Phonics experts to help your preschooler master English through a structured, systematic play way method. These Phonics worksheets are designed to provide reading, speaking and writing practice for Nursery, LKG and UKG.


Kutuki Phonics worksheets are fun, engaging and designed by India’s best preschool experts. They are activity based with puzzles, mazes, coloring, craft and many more interactive approaches to teaching Phonics.

Kutuki provides Phonics worksheets for three levels :

Nursery : This covers Level 1 Letter sounds, CVC words, Tracing and Pre-writing along with 150 + activity sheets

LKG :This covers A-Z Letter sounds, CVC words, Sight words, Long and Short vowel and writing practice with 350 +activity sheets

UKG: This covers word families, sight words, digraphs, sight words, reading, spellings, writing with 350+ activity sheets 

What makes Kutuki’s Phonics worksheets unique?

How to use it? 

The worksheets are designed in a step by step and structured manner starting with introduction to letter sounds and gradually moving to reading and speaking practice. Therefore it is recommended that your preschooler completes the worksheets in sequence. The worksheets have visual prompts and cues so that preschoolers can complete them with minimal assistance. These worksheets are fun and playful. Your child can use crayons, sketch pens, paints to complete the worksheets.