Why did we launch T-Shirts?

Kutu, Ki and Minku have become the favorite learning companions for over 3.5 million preschoolers across India. We launched T-shirts with Kutu,Ki and Minku and their memorable catch phrases specially for our little Kutuki fans. Apart from these, we also have T-shirts that break away from gender stereotypes and celebrate the diverse personalities and interests of young children.

Description :

These  are Round Necked T-Shirts made of pure cotton. Available in a range of colors, sizes, designs and catch phrases. These include :

Best ele-friend for ever - Designed for our little Minku the elephant fans. 

Best ele-friends - Designed for Kutu, Ki and Minku fans. 

Inkutu-Minkutu-Ki - Kutu and Ki’s popular catchphrase when they are off on a mission.

Dinosaur Detective - For all the Dino obsessed children out there.

Serious Scribbler - For all the budding little artists. 

Paper Plane Pilot - For children who dream of becoming a pilot one day.

Escape Artist - No one knows how to masterfully disappear from an unwanted situation like a child.

Record breaker - For the sporty ones  breaking records and stereotypes.

5-Star Chef - For all our little foodies and budding chefs.

In-House DJ - Who needs a disco when you have your own little music noise maker.

What makes Kutuki’s T-Shirt unique?

How to use it?

Before purchase, we recommend that you refer to the size chart to ensure you’ve picked the T-shirt with the right fit. Can be washed in a washing machine. Color fastness is guaranteed.