One of the most joyous times of the year is when we celebrate festivals together as a family. India is one of the most vibrant countries in the world, with an infinite number of festivals, each with its own unique tradition and purpose. There are several festivals like harvest festivals, new years, folk festivals and much more. Celebrating festivals gives young children the opportunity to learn so many values and skills. Read on to find out more!Early childhood experts believe that it is crucial for young children to feel a sense of connection with their own culture and that of others. The early learning experts at Kutuki believe that when children interact with their parents, teachers, and community members it helps them to transform their social behaviour, increase their cultural understanding, leading to cognitive development.There exists an umpteen number of opportunities for children to learn values from festivals. Here are the top three skills children learn from festivals they include;SOCIAL SKILLS There are always several ways to make new friends and create memories during a festival. Preschoolers learn most by making meaningful connections by interacting with the environment around them. It is during celebrations like these, children imbibe skills like being empathetic, taking responsibility, having compassion for each other. They also learn how to greet each other, welcome guests and make friends with people belonging to different age groups and learn how to appreciate each other. This leads to the development of some essential social skills to teach your child.CREATIVE and LIFE SKILLS Celebrating Indian festivals can give children a chance to explore their creative side, don't you agree? From dressing up in traditional attires to decorating the house to cooking delicacies, there are so many opportunities to get creative while reflecting on the vibrant culture of our country. If you are looking out for activities and life skills to teach your kids while celebrating a festival, here are a few ideas;

CULTURAL SKILLS India is a country where diverse cultures, traditions and customs thrive. Children are highly flexible and adaptable individuals. They learn, observe and engage in interactions with parents, friends and also with adults. Festivals are a great way to encourage and educate children about new cultures and languages. Every festival in India has a story behind why and how it is celebrated. When these stories and personal experiences are narrated to children they find a close connection to their culture. You can help your child build a deeper cultural connection by involving them while cooking delicious, traditional delicacies, listening to traditional music, creating and appreciating different art forms related to the festival. When children are exposed and raised with cultural values, they become more self-aware and open to accepting and experiencing new cultures as they grow older.

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