Hello Preschool Teachers,

We know the pandemic has made the past couple of years very difficult for the Preschool industry. We share your joy in preschools finally getting the nod to reopen!

Having said that, the expectations of parents have drastically changed and they are looking for preschools that go out of their way to put their children first at every step.

We would like to support you in helping your school stand out by providing free preschool resources guaranteed to improve your curriculum and the learning experiences in your classroom.

We are inviting preschool teachers to get access to an extensive library of Kutuki's award winning rhymes and stories that are learning-oriented, age-appropriate and refreshingly fun. They are divided as per Preschool themes (such as Phonics, Early Math, Space, Art and Craft etc) so that you can integrate them into your preschool curriculum seamlessly.

And in case you missed it, these preschool resources are completely free to use.

You are welcome to use it during circle time or share it with parents as a learning resource that they can use at home. So, instead of sharing generic, repetitive YouTube videos like every other school; stand out by choosing Kutuki and share thoughtfully made content that preschoolers will love while building trust with parents.

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Warm Regards,

Team Kutuki