Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, Kutuki’s early learning platform has extended an uninterrupted learning experience to over 2 million Indian preschoolers. Thanks to all the overwhelmingly positive responses from parents and their belief in one of the best homeschool programs, we have revamped the application with new features and relevant updates. These changes aim to provide preschoolers with an enhanced early learning experience. 

Here are some of the features and changes incorporated into the Kutuki Kids Learning App

1. Have your Preschooler Pick an Avatar:

Your little one will never be alone in their learning journey with Kutuki. Along with their beloved companions, Kutu, Ki, and Minku, by their side at all times, your preschooler is in for a fun early educational experience. What’s more interesting? Your little one chooses their favourite learning companion to join them in this journey. By clicking the ‘Avatar’ image you see on the home screen, you can select your preschooler’s preferred avatar.

Kutu is a curious and inventive little boy. Tumbling around, he’s always ready to learn something new with your little one.

Ki, an adventurous and energetic little girl, will always look out for your preschooler just the way she cares for her little brother, Kutu.

Minku, the baby elephant, loves little children as much as she loves her bananas.

With the new makeover, your preschooler can now bond with 5 different avatars of their learning companions.

2. Themes Module: 

At the heart of the Kutuki app is this module featuring engaging content that will take your preschooler on a beautiful and creative journey. Over 25 themes associated with your little one’s favourite companions consists of exciting stories for kids and songs for a fun-filled learning experience. Currently, the Kutuki Kids Learning App covers themes on Rhymes, Maths, G.K, Stem, Shapes, Colours, Numbers, Senses, Feelings, Habits, Exercise, India, Animals, Adventures, Transport, Food, School, Activities, and For Parents.  

3. The ‘Favourite’ Option:

We believe there is a reason why the Kutuki Kids Learning App is your preschooler’s favourite. One reason is probably that the app’s 'Favourite' module (heart icon) on the home screen stores your little one's favourite videos in one place. The 'Favourite' button allows you to add your preschooler's favourite videos to an automatically created list. They can watch all their most loved videos anytime over and over again through this playlist.

4. Tracing Activity Module:

This module, available on the app’s home screen, allows your preschooler to practice English alphabets, numbers, and Hindi letters (Swar and Vyanjan) through fun tracing activities. With real-time feedback, this feature also strengthens their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are critical for finger tracing activities, an essential pre-writing skill. The tutorial video, also available here, supports your preschooler with phonetic sounds as they trace each English letter.

5. New Videos Module:

Every week new videos are uploaded on the Kutuki Kids Learning App across different themes. The ‘New Videos’ module provides your preschooler easy access to all the newly uploaded videos on the app. 

6. The Live Module:

This section available on the home screen consists of 3 sub-sections as mentioned below.  

  1. Packages: this digital brochure allows parents to view all the preschooler live class program details offered for Phonics, Maths, and the Advanced Reading Program.
  2. Enrolled Live Classes: in addition to providing details of the enrolled live class, this feature notifies parents of upcoming classes.
  3. Whatsapp Chat: Parents can reach out to the Kutuki team directly using this integrated feature in the app for doubts and queries. Through this feature, Kutuki Academic Counsellors will render constant support to all parents.

The ‘Enrolled Live Classes’ sub-section of this module is also featured in the app’s ‘Parent Area’ module to enable easy access for parents.

7. Ultimate Phonics Learning Path:

Incorporating an interactive gaming methodology, the Ultimate Phonics learning path tracker allows parents to track their preschooler’s progress in the ‘Learn English’ Module. Each of the 3 age-appropriate learning levels includes this all-new learning path. You can follow your little one’s journey through all activities under this module- including letter song, letter book, games, tracing, and much more. With every point earned on completing the assigned activities, your little one is encouraged to keep their learning going. The Learning Path tracker appearing on the module’s top right side indicates this progress.

8. Daily Challenge Module:

The content added daily to this module enables preschoolers to engage with different themes in fun ways. Through these learning path challenges, your little one is encouraged to watch the shared videos by the end of the day. The accomplishment of the task will motivate your preschooler to make daily progress in their learning journey.

9. Parent Profile Module:

This feature available on the top right corner of the home screen provides easy access to parents for multiple aspects of the Kutuki Kids Learning App. Specially designed to support the parents, the module helps in the following ways:

10. Guilt-Free Screen Time: 

As parents, we are constantly looking for ways to use technology effectively with our little ones. Mindful of this, Kutuki’s ‘Screen Time Limit’ feature allows you to set the appropriate screen time for your preschooler each day. It ensures that your little one cannot use the app beyond the time you define. However, it might be helpful to note that the app will be available for use if closed and opened again upon reaching the set limit.

11. Books & More: 

This section, included in the ‘Parent Profile’ module, features details on Kutuki books and practice worksheets available for purchase. For the Kutuki books, the section is directly integrated with the Amazon application, enabling parents to make hassle-free purchases. LKG, UKG, and nursery worksheets for Phonics and Maths are available both as a digital version and physical booklets.

12. Cart Module:

For details of your existing subscription, head to this module on the app’s home screen. In addition to the current plan details, it allows parents to view details and subscribe to other Kutuki plans and offerings. For a hassle-free purchase process, parents have the option to make payments through all relevant payment gateways linked to the cart. 

Like you, the team at Kutuki is equally excited about the revamped version of the app. We can’t wait for your little one to have more fun with it. Download the Kutuki Kids Learning App today to give your child a holistic early learning experience through engaging, personalised, and child-centric content.