Uninterrupted Early Education with Kutuki during Covid-19

March 23, 2022

The unpredictability witnessed in the past couple of years has probably impacted our youngest children the most. With restrictions and lockdowns in place to contain the spread of Covid-19, our preschoolers have been the most vulnerable as school education has looked very different in every household. 

Today, more parents realize the value of early education on their child’s future learning and development. However, during the pandemic, parents were faced with a unique challenge- to provide appropriate early learning support to preschoolers at home. Early learning, especially from home, was new to both kids and parents. However, with Kutuki’s early learning platform, over 2 million+ preschooler parents have been able to provide continuous positive engagement to their little ones during these challenging times. 

Considered one of the best home-school programs, Kutuki provides a structured, personalized, and enriching learning experience. Created for Indian preschoolers, Kutuki rendered constant support to preschoolers in over 2700+ cities during the pandemic. The program has ensured that its curriculum, a blend of prominent theories of child development, is offered to kids right in the comfort and safety of their homes in multiple ways. In these unprecedented times, the Kutuki early learning platform has continued to engage preschoolers primarily through its interactive app, online preschool programs, and standalone mini-programs that focus specifically on Phonics, Maths, or Reading skills.

Different Ways Kutuki Caters to Preschoolers during the Pandemic: 

Kutuki content is crafted by early learning experts. The interactive stories, games, and engaging rhymes for kids with attractive animations and illustrations on the Kutuki Kids Learning App have allowed for unassisted, self-paced learning during this period. With the schools closing, online preschool classes have gained a lot of importance in the past couple of years. Though this has allowed children to attend preschool at home, choosing the curriculum best suited for your child has been all the more critical. With a focus on academic and co-curricular activities, Kutuki’s comprehensive online preschool curriculum equips preschoolers with the much-required skills. It achieves developmental milestones through live interactive sessions with early childhood education experts. In these times of uncertainty, the certified online preschool program provides preschoolers with a structured, personalized, and immersive preschool learning experience.

With their beloved learning companions by their side, Kutuki’s child-centric content has given preschoolers a different learning journey. The program uses interactive elements like hands-on activities, creative songs, and a story-based curriculum to achieve key developmental milestones for preschoolers. Based on extensive research, a 30-minute Kutuki session can build diverse skills that a preschooler would otherwise do only through a wide range of activities. The skills gained by a Kutuki preschooler in a half-hour is equivalent to a child reading 2 books, learning 5 Math concepts, conducting 3 experiments, performing 4 DIY activities, practising 6 tracing activities, or discovering 7 new facts.

For instance, the rhyme scheme in the nursery rhyme ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ is a simple one that all children will enjoy and understand. Kutuki uses such rhymes in English poems or songs to teach preschoolers rhyme schemes. While nursery worksheets for Phonics and Maths provide kids with a multi-sensorial learning experience that allows preschoolers to practise the acquired skills. The LKG English worksheets strengthen phonics rules by engaging preschoolers with phonics two-letter words and phonics word family, among other key concepts. Such personalized and immersive content has kept Kutuki preschoolers engaged and built critical skills to attain developmental milestones during the pandemic. The nursery, UKG, and LKG worksheets are available both as digital versions and physical booklets.


With growing support and recognition, in 2021, Kutuki enabled 95 million minutes of learning, with over 1050 students attending live nursery classes. Increased team strength of 10 to 46 and $2.2 million grant money has allowed the program to deliver 2600+ minutes of contextualized content in 9 languages.

Thus, the Kutuki early learning platform is now accessible to more kids across the country. In addition to rhyming words in English and stories for kids in English, preschoolers can now build relevant skills through rhymes in Telegu, rhymes in Hindi, rhymes in Tamil, and stories for kids in Tamil, too on Kutuki. The content is currently available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, and Gujarati. As a result, Kutuki has been able to cater to the learning needs of preschoolers of local language-speaking families across India. This has, in turn, ensured an uninterrupted learning experience for over 2 million preschoolers in these times of the pandemic.

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