6 Classic Preschool Games that Teach Life Skills

November 09, 2022

The best way for kids to learn is by playing games, and games are a terrific approach to work on developing the fundamental abilities. Classic preschool games aren't simply for kids' amusement, believe it or not. They actually play a crucial role in the learning process by fostering friendships among children, allowing them to let off steam, and teaching them life skills.

If you want your child to play fun preschool games while learning a lot, look no further. Kutuki has compiled 6 educational games and puzzles for preschoolers. This will help you realise the educational possibilities in the games that just appear fun. Learn how each game works by reading on.

Best Preschool Games for Kids

1. Musical Chairs

Children can learn to resolve conflicts amicably, handle disappointment, and develop patience by playing this game. Play music while children walk around the circle in a circle with one fewer chair than there are players in the game. Children have to attempt to sit down in a chair every time the music stops. Unseated children are not allowed to stay. Then stand up from a chair and start over. Children must practise patience and waiting gracefully while a Musical Chairs game proceeds in order to deal with the frustration of losing.

2. Simon Says

The classic game ‘Simon Says’ can be customized to meet your unique requirements. It could be an outdoor or indoor game. Simon Says is a fantastic game for teaching children to pay close attention to instructions and to take initiative. By saying things like "Simon Says tap your head" or "Simon Says leap like monkeys," one child in Simon Says commands their friends to perform funny activities. Then, if the leader adds "Simon says" to their directions, the other children will perform the action.

3. Hopscotch

This time-honored sidewalk game is ideal for fostering critical thinking. Children sketch the shape of a hopscotch on the sidewalk, then take turns throwing rocks underhanded at the shape. Then they have to avoid the square where the pebble landed on the hopscotch board. Kids will need to strategize to discover the best "way" through the course because it's frequently challenging to avoid the square with the rock while hopping on one foot.

4. Flashcard Games

Word flashcards for 5 year olds can be played as fun activities like - running race with sight words flashcards. You can play this in your yard or on your balcony. Your child will stand close to you as you spread out the set of picture-based sight word flashcards. The little child must sprint to the flashcards, choose the one you've requested, and then sprint back to you. Children can learn to read and spell words by utilising flashcards to learn English and strengthen their vocabulary.

5. Duck, Duck, Goose 

This kid-favorite game is great for introducing strategic thinking to children. Participants are seated in a circle, and one child walks around the outside tapping each head while yelling "duck." In the end, they choose one child to play the role of the "goose," and then they race around the circle to try to replace that child before the "goose" catches them. The "goose" returns to their own seat and the original player goes around the circle if they make it to the end without being tagged.


6. Clap for story time

Clapping is a fantastic peaceful game to enjoy with your toddlers. Decide whether to read a book or tell a story. The kids are then required to clap each time they hear a specific word or phrase throughout the story. This game, like the last one, is fantastic for fostering in your kid the ability to recognise sounds and listen. Additionally, it will help them strengthen their linguistic skills.

Like most parents, you want to be sure that your child is always learning in the greatest environment possible. Numerous preschool activities like educational puzzles for kindergarten that appear to be simple entertainment actually impart life skills. So even while it may appear like your kids are just playing with friends for enjoyment, they are also learning skills that will help them achieve in the future. To explore more activities get registered with us within just a few simple clicks. Download the Kutuki Preschool app now!

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