For kids to succeed as confident, competent writers, pre-writing abilities are crucial. Generally, when parents try to get their young kids to start writing with a pencil, it can be a frustrating exercise for both the parent and the kid. As an alternative, teaching letters to a preschooler or kindergartener through educational toys and flashcards are more likely to produce an enjoyable and interesting learning experience that the kid will find less stressful.

This is the stage where kids start learning to put their ideas down on paper. Prewriting activities strengthen their writing abilities and serve as the building blocks for teaching kids to write effectively to help them succeed for the rest of their lives.

What Exactly Are Prewriting Activities?

The prewriting activities include all exercises that are used to create letters and other written forms. Before learning how to write the alphabet, children must practice and perfect these stages. Sequential practice of lines is essential. Depending on their age, children learn to mimic and draw vertical, horizontal and slant lines that help them in writing alphabets.

Why Are Prewriting Activities Needed?

Pre-writing activities for preschoolers provide a fun approach to teaching your kid letter formation while also working on their fine motor skills and finger muscles. You can assist your kid in developing connections in the brain that support the association between the shapes of the letters they are creating and the names and sounds of the letters by encouraging the senses through a variety of sensory exercises. Since they already have a wonderful familiarity with the shapes of the letters, it will undoubtedly be helpful for them once they are ready to take up a pencil and start writing. 

Best Pre-writing Activities For Preschoolers

Before you start, have a glance at the following activities, add a set of our learning flashcards for 3 year olds to your library of teaching aids.

1.   Drawing with a sand tray

Your youngster can practice writing letters with their finger or a little paintbrush by using sand trays. They may find it soothing and comforting to run their fingers through the sand as they form letters. To make the sand even more interesting to draw with, add a few drops of food colouring or essential oil.

2.   Watered-based painting

It is entirely possible to learn to form letters with water. To execute this, all you'll need is a flat surface like a blackboard, some water, and their fingers (a paintbrush can also be used). Kids can dip their fingertips in water and then paint their fingers on the blackboard. When they're done, ask them squeeze out the extra water from their fingertips and observe how it drips down the surface in the form of droplets. This is a fantastic method to introduce preschoolers to the idea of learning letters.

3.   Learn with playdough

It's a terrific approach to concentrate on the forms that each letter consists of shape and mould letters using playdough. Playdough may be rolled, squished, and shaped for hours of sensory enjoyment. You can either make letters out of playdough by rolling them or stamp letters with alphabet stamps onto them.

4.   Cutting paper activities

Children's control and fine motor abilities are developed by snipping and cutting with scissors. Allow them to freely cut and snip any figures they choose throughout some sessions. Then, you can create shapes with various corner or outline angles and have them cut out the designs. You can also use playdough to make it even more challenging and entertaining. Check out the Activities section on the Kutuki app for some cool ideas as well!

5.   Rainbow chalk writing

Go outside and lightly form the letter you want your child to trace on the pavement with a piece of white chalk. To construct a rainbow letter, have them continuously trace around each letter with various colored chalk.

6.   Sketch on boxes

Children can learn how to make different shapes through this activity. They can make drawings on a box of any size or form with their fingers, and hands. You can use a black marker or color the spaces between the lines.

7.   Draw with blocks

Young children adore making and building with blocks. Utilize their inventive minds by using Kutuki’s educational flashcards for 4-year-olds, they are free printable letter cards.

These simple and easy techniques for integrating letter learning are quick and easy to carry out. Pre-writing activities are encouraged in the Kutuki Preschool app. To explore more download the app today and get registered with us!