Kindergarten gives your child the much-required foundation upon which all future learning depends. Learning for kindergartners is focused more on developmental goals rather than only teaching kids to read and write. It prepares your child to take on first grade as they enter the world of regular school. The transition from kindergarten to first grade can be a big step for both your child and you, equally. Your child will have longer school days, be surrounded by more students, eat at school, etc. In a nutshell, it can bring about a whole lot of changes to your child’s life.

Children are equipped with appropriate pre-literacy, pre-numeracy, cognitive skills, and social skills throughout preschool. These are important skills preschoolers need for grade 1 and to perform well in a school environment.

Here are some skills preschoolers need for grade 1 as they begin to unpack the world around them.

Socio-emotional Skills: every child is a bundle of different emotions and tonnes of energy. They need continuous support and guidance to navigate their feelings and respond to social situations. Some socio-emotional skills preschoolers need for grade 1 are: the child

Physical Skills: through their early years, kids begin to understand, learn to manage, and control their bodies. Physical skills, comprising gross and fine motor development, include:

Cognitive Skills: cognitive skills in children refers to skills pertaining to learning and thinking. Here the focus is not on the child’s ability to retain facts and information. The child-

Literacy Skills: the literacy skills preschoolers need for grade 1 include 1st grade reading and writing skills as these are closely connected.

Kids Learning Reading and Comprehension Skills: the child-

Writing Skills: the child-

Effective Communication Skills (Listening and Speaking Skills): the child-

Numeracy Skills: It involves understanding numbers, solving number problems, counting, measuring, adding, subtracting, recognizing patterns, etc. Math for kindergartners focus on the following numeracy skills preschoolers need for grade 1:

The skills shared above are just guidelines. Each child develops at their own pace and the exact age varies. Remember, school readiness is much more than your child knowing their A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s.

In addition to the skills developed at preschool, it is also important for you, the parent, to practice and engage your child with these skills through different kids learning activities at home. Similar to kindergarten readiness activities, here are some school readiness activities for preschoolers that you can try out at home:

Your child sets foot into 1st grade as they are slowly developing their personality. Along with their growing independence, they are filled with curiosity about the world around them. As they soak the sights and sounds around them, it is important, as parents, for you to encourage them to explore further and expand their creativity. In that process, be prepared to be delighted and blown away by your child’s growth daily.