4 Reasons Why A Daily Routine for Kids Is Important.

November 02, 2021

Each and every one of us has a routine, don't we? Similarly, it is necessary to have a daily routine for kids to ensure their overall development of children. The pandemic has led to the closure of preschoolers everywhere and also disrupted our kids' daily routine. Many parents and caregivers are forming new daily routine for kids to create an organised structure and make every day more meaningful for their preschoolers and toddlers. Read our blog How to make Early Learning Fun During the Pandemic and make a fun timetable for kids at home.

However, you might wonder if a daily routine for kids is necessary? If you ask, it's a YES! There must be a daily routine for kids, where there is ample time to play, learn, have meals and time for bed. Studies have shown that if you have a timetable for kids at home, they are more likely to have better mental and physical health and higher cognitive skills. Let's find out why having a daily routine for kids is necessary. 

A daily routine for kids brings about consistency and instills confidence. 

It's no secret that a daily routine for kids brings consistency to the lives of preschoolers and toddlers. Young children often tend to fear things that are either unknown or new to them, which can cause stress and discomfort. A daily routine for kids can help to reduce this stress and bring a sense of normalcy, security and comfort for them. On the other hand, you need to plan small tasks for your little one. Even if it is as small as washing their hands before they eat, they'll be able to look at it and completing it themselves will instill a sense of confidence and independence in them. 

A daily routine can help kids to learn new habits.

Another great advantage of having a daily routine for kids is that it provides umpteen opportunities to incorporate several activities for preschoolers, which can include several kids learning activities. The daily routine for kids are full of learning activities for our little ones, don't believe us? For example, you can teach them the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. With these everyday routines, young children also learn and to communicate and have regular interactions. They learn to greet others, use the magical words 'Sorry', 'Thank You', and 'Please', learning to wait and share their toys with each which help in the development of social skills.

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daily routine for kids

A daily routine for kids helps in skill-based learning, cognitive and socio-emotional development. 

Studies have shown that if you follow a specific timetable for kids, it increases their ability to learn and solve problems. When preschoolers and toddlers have a daily routine oriented towards the environment, they learn by exploring and interacting. It helps them to become more independent and have more self-control. 

A daily routine for kids also provides several learning opportunities. Our everyday actions include activities for kids that help children with speech and language development and fine and gross motor skills and support your child's early learning journey. Here's a small list of activities that you can perform with your little down. It's based on the developmental milestones of children and categorised into different groups based on age.

daily routine for kids

Development Milestone 




Language and Cognitive Development

Can label simple objects. 

Can learn to make complex sentences(Eg: Papa went to the office in his car.) 

Can understand names and opposites.

Socio-Emotional Development 

Can follow simple directions and enjoys helping with household tasks. 

Has a strong desire to do things independently. 

Learns to show affection to others and proud of achievements. 

Gross Motor Development 

Can kick, throw and catch a large ball. 

Can perform their morning routine (brushing, combing, dressing) with minor assistance. 

Skip with a rope. 

Fine Motor Development 

Sensory Activities (playing with atta dough, peeling peas, etc). 

Copies simple shapes (Squares, Crosses, etc). 

Cut and paste simple shapes with minor assistance. 

Please remember that this chart is just indicative as every child grows at their own pace. So it's time to enjoy every activity with your little one because every step they make takes them one step closer to learning a new concept!

A daily routine for kids helps them to feel accomplished. 

Another great advantage of setting a predictable daily routine for kids is to bring a sense of accomplishment. Several child psychologists have said that the attention span of young children in very less and while setting a routine you can start with giving them small activities that require only five minutes of their move. Over a period of time, you can gradually include activities that take a longer time. With a daily routine in place it can help your children mentally prepare themselves for the activity. While following a daily routine children feel like they have accomplished a goal. It's important that we appreciate them and encourage them when they have completed an activity so that it  keeps them motivated.

A daily routine for kids helps you to get through the day.

Believe us when we tell you, routines are a tool for you to get through the day without tantrums. Having a daily routine for kids will make it much easier to deal with tasks you've planned to do throughout the day. You will also have ample time to complete all your tasks efficiently and make you feel more organised, happy and stress-free. It can also make you feel like you're doing a good job and keep you satisfied.

daily routine for kids

So why wait? Establish a daily routine for your little one today! Want to make learning more fun for your kids from the comfort of your home? Join Kutuki's Interactive Live Classes and learn from the experts at Kutuki at affordable rates. WhatsApp Us and speak to our Academic Counsellor today.

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