Useful guide when choosing a preschool curriculum that’s best suited for your child

With so many options for early education laid out before us, as parents, you always want to choose the best for your child. But one tends to wonder where to begin when it comes to making that choice. 

“What preschool curriculum do I choose for my child?”, “If we choose a kindergarten curriculum that focuses on play, would my child be able to cope with the regular school later?”, “There are so many options to choose from! How do I know what is best for my child?”, “What is the best homeschool curriculum for my child?”

As preschool education is an important decision, you may be constantly plagued with questions and concerns, as those shared above. The responsibility of making this choice can be overwhelming. All we sometimes wish for is for it to be simpler!

Today more and more parents understand the value of and the impact early childhood education courses can have on their child’s future learning and development. As there exists a whole variety of preschool curriculum and approaches that focus on the various stages of early childhood development, it is important to make an informed choice keeping in mind what suits your child best.  In addition to the different options that exist, the many terms used for early childhood curriculum- preschool curriculum, nursery curriculum, and kindergarten curriculum, only adds to the confusion.


Some of the most popular kindergarten curriculum offered in preschool programs across India are Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Playway, and Multiple Intelligence. There are programs, though, that have designed their preschool syllabus by blending different preschool curriculum philosophies. The curriculum plan for preschools such as these incorporates the best elements from various effective theories on child development. But before we jump into what is the best preschool curriculum for your child, it is important to understand why choosing the right curriculum for your preschooler matters.


Choosing the Right Preschool Curriculum Matters

The curriculum plan for preschools is the one on which the learning materials for preschool classrooms are designed. The preschool curriculum provides a structure to your child’s learning. Before deciding on the preschool curriculum for your child, it is important to understand each of them. Each curriculum differs in its approach and teaching methodology. Every child has their own strengths and limitations. Recognize and acknowledge your child’s learning style. Each child not only develops at their own pace, but the form of the learning environment in which they thrive also varies. Thus, it’s very important to align your child’s learning needs with the appropriate preschool curriculum best suited for them. 


It helps to ask some of these questions when choosing a preschool curriculum: 



Irrespective of which preschool curriculum you decide to choose, one must ensure that it enables your child to develop holistically and enhances their potential in all areas of development. 

No matter which curriculum you may choose to pursue, it is important to ensure that it fits your child’s learning style.


What Do the Different Preschool Curriculums Have to Offer:

To get you started off here’s some basic information on some of the popular curriculums adopted in Indian preschool programs, be it offline or online classes for preschoolers.  


Type of Curriculum

Teaching Style

Teacher’s Role

Parent’s Role



Reggio Emilia