These are unprecedented times and nothing seems to be the same anymore due to the COVID Pandemic. Mothers have to suddenly take on the role of early educators, preschools are grappling with the use of technology to go virtual and children are losing touch with the rhythm of their daily routine.

We at Kutuki have been asking ourselves, how best can we support India’s youngest learners, our mothers and educators to make learning accessible, flexible and meaningful. These are some of our endeavours :

1) Creative and Educational Preschool Resources

Kutuki’s Digital library is like a Preschool on an app. It has 100s of educational resources such as storybooks, rhymes, animated videos and interactive activities that cover all the important learning milestones for children between the ages of 2-6 years. From Phonics to Counting, Health and Hygiene to Colours and Shapes, S.T.E.M to Moral stories, we have content as per 30+ preschool themes carefully designed by early childhood experts. Kutuki kids learning app can give parents and educators a constant flow of creative ideas to engage with preschoolers every single day at the click of a button

2) Contextual and Flexible

Apart from English, Kutuki provides the flexibility to learn in Indian languages. Our content is available in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Tamil with more Indian languages being added soon. We understand that in a multicultural and multilingual country like India, mother tongue can be used as a source of strength to teach English, Counting, Science and even talk about Emotions and Feelings. Our content is deeply rooted in everyday Indian experiences with Indian characters and accents, so that children, educators and parents in India can connect with it. Our content is also available in multiple formats such as e-books, music, videos and interactive content to suit every type of learner.

3) Apply learning in the real world with Kutuki

Every single day we get feedback from preschool educators and parents about how they are using Kutuki kids learning app in their own unique way to make learning fun for young children. From virtual storytelling sessions to S.T.E.M activities, from bedtime stories to using our songs to teach vocabulary, educators and mothers have made our content their own. For Kutuki’s mothers, screen time is not ‘scream time’ because it gives them the agency to use technology in participative, collaborative and meaningful ways. Our content is also interactive with questions at systematic points to check if children across different learning stages have understood and internalised the different concepts

With Kutuki, fun and learning never stop!