How Kutuki is helping Schools meet NCF standards

May 01, 2023

As early education enthusiasts, we at Kutuki, were thrilled to be approached by a school that shared our passion for creating meaningful learning experiences for young children. This school, like many others in India, was in the process of aligning their curriculum with the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) standards. We were excited to be a part of this journey, and we were determined to make it a success.

Our first step was to understand the school's unique needs and requirements. We worked closely with the school administration to identify areas where they needed support, and we put together a plan to help them meet the NCF standards.

Our preschool expert, Hiral, conducted an interactive training session for the teachers, where she demonstrated how to use our NCF-aligned content, resources, and materials to make learning more engaging and effective. The teachers were enthusiastic and eager to incorporate our fun and relatable content into their curriculum. They were particularly impressed with Kutu and Ki, our beloved characters who added an extra layer of fun and engagement to the early learning experience.

Following the training session, the teachers were interviewed by a podcast team, and we were delighted to hear how much they appreciated our unique Indian touch in all of our materials. They couldn't stop talking about how our content could help them connect with their students in a meaningful way, while also meeting all the standards set by the NCF.

At Kutuki, we believe that every child deserves access to high-quality early education, and we are committed to supporting schools in their efforts to provide this. Our experience with this school was a testament to the fact that when teachers are equipped with the right tools and resources, they can create a learning environment that is fun, engaging, and effective.

If you are looking for NCF-aligned curriculum and content for your school, we are here to help. Get in touch with us at to learn more. Together, let's give our children the best start in life!

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